Learn to teach in San Sebastián – Donostia

We have been successfully running the Cambridge CELTA in San Sebastián since 2014, and now have five intensive full-time courses per year. We are also very proud to be the only authorised Cambridge Centre to teach the CELTA here in the Basque Country.

The aim of the CELTA course is to:

  • Teach you the practical skills for teaching English to adult learners
  • Provide a range of practical skills for teaching English to adult learners
  • Give you hands-on teaching practice.

A CELTA qualification from London School of Languages will enable you to:

  1. Open the door to exciting teaching opportunities all over the world
  2. Gain the essential skills and knowledge you will need as a teacher
  3. Learn from experienced, dedicated and supportive teacher trainers
  4. Focus on the teaching of Young Learners, with more hours devoted to this area than other CELTA courses
  5. Teach real students at two different levels
  6. Spend time in one of the most beautiful and welcoming cities in Spain

The full-time intensive course is the most popular choice for CELTA trainees as it enables you to gain the qualification in only four weeks. With a maximum of twelve trainees on the course, you are able to build a strong and supportive relationship with both the tutors and fellow trainees. Our certified CELTA tutors and administrative staff are on-hand to guide you through each element of the CELTA course. Being a four-week course, the schedule is demanding, and we therefore expect 100% attendance from all course trainees.

The full-time course consists of:

  • Two hours of Teaching Practice/Lesson Observation each morning (trainees are usually only expected to teach every other day)
  • One hour of group feedback and guided lesson planning per day
  • Just under three hours of daily input sessions delivered by our CELTA tutors
  • A welcome pintxo lunch on the first day of the course

Due to the demand for Teacher Training in the region, we also run a part-time CELTA course. This consists of the same number of Teaching Practice and Input Session hours, but over a period of  TWENTY WEEKS. This schedule was devised for those who may already be teaching or who simply don’t have the time to complete an intensive course. It allows them to fulfil more of their day-to-day commitments, alongside working towards the CELTA qualification.

The Part-Time course consists of:

  • Four hours of Teaching Practice/Lesson Observation/Feedback, every TUESDAY morning (trainees will only be expected to teach once every two weeks, but must attend every week)

  • Four hours of input sessions every FRIDAY afternoon (16:30-20:30)

Candidates should be over the age of 18 at the start of the course, have a standard of education which will allow entry to Higher Education in their country, and have an awareness of language and a competence in English, both written and spoken, that enables them to follow the course and complete all assessed elements successfully.



“The CELTA course made me realise I want to be a teacher”

The course
I had very high expectations of the CELTA course but it totally exceeded them. It is an intensive course, but the content is really interesting, and it shows you what being a good teacher is. It’s absolutely worth it.
Teaching Practice
Teaching practice is the best part of the course; you get to put into practice what you’ve learned with real students in a real classroom. You get support and feedback from tutors and other trainees, so it gets easier every day.
The City
San Sebastián is a small but lively city; you can go to the beach or the mountains and enjoy many cultural activities. The school is located close to the beach and the staff are very friendly and helpful.
The Tutors
Both tutors are role models; they were always ready to help and give us goodadvice. The input sessions were clearly delivered and very useful.
Life after CELTA
The CELTA course made me realise I want to be a teacher and I acquired essential techniques and skills. This qualification has also improved my job prospects, I can now teach anywhere in the world!


“San Sebastián is now one of my favourite cities”

The course
The course was demanding but with lots of variety and classroom experience from the first week. We had to stand in front of real students from the second day and it was really useful to teach students at two different levels during the course.
Teaching Practice
The other students were fantastic, and they were all really supportive, friendly and fun! It was a very international group and we remain in contact, I can’t wait to visit them in the future.
The City
San Sebastián is now one of my favourite cities, it was great to be able to finish a day with a walk along the beach or a swim in the sea!
The Tutors
The tutors were always on hand to answer questions, provide advice with class preparation and give feedback after each lesson.
Life after CELTA
I have since returned to England and I have a job in the EAL department of a private school, this course provided me not only with the certificate but the necessary skills in order to perform this job.


“There was a great atmosphere, not just between us, the trainees, but also with our students”

The course
I expected it to be intense – and it was – however, the atmosphere and support of the groups and tutors really made it enjoyable. Sessions ranged from observing recorded classes to lively and interactive group work. Every day was different.
Teaching Practice
There was a great atmosphere, not just between us, the trainees, but also with our students. Being able to take methods and techniques from the input sessions and put them directly into practice the in the next teaching sessions was very satisfying.
The City
As San Sebastián is a transport hub for the region, getting there or exploring the local area is easy. It’s a busy city where something is always happening from cultural festivals to sporting events. But there is always somewhere to unwind, too.
The Tutors
Even after the centre had closed for the day and I was working at home I found the tutors to be very responsive to questions and queries via email. The input sessions were varied, engaging and practical.
Life after CELTA
I’m now teaching in the Basque country. I was able to take some of the techniques and tips and use them on a daily basis in my classes. I left with not just a certificate but also a network of other teachers to discuss ideas and experiences with.


“As well as training, I received a lot of support from the other trainees”

The course
When signing up for the month-long CELTA, I was fully warned (many times) that it would be intense. And they were right! As well as learning teaching techniques, we wrote assignments, observed classes and gave our own classes within the first few days.
Teaching Practice
The course guided me from day 1; from preparing a class, to learning techniques, to giving a class to real students! As well as training, I received a lot of support from the other trainees, which was extremely helpful!
The City
San Sebastián was a great choice of location to complete the CELTA for me. I was here during the Cinema Festival – a great way to disconnect outside of work! Also, being so close to the beach meant I could write assignments there.
The Tutors
During the course, the tutors were always available for feedback and for help with assignments. They also brought a lot of fun to the training input sessions which not only helped us learn but kept us awake after the late nights working!
Life after CELTA
Having completed the CELTA, I successfully found a job immediately as well as offers from friends, friends of friends and work mates of friends who all want private classes! Having the CELTA has definitely been a great base for my teaching!

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